• Cash

    Not for your white collar friend

  • Gatsby

    Clean lines, elegance and dandy-like appeal

  • Ruskin

    The feeling of a proper biker boot, but one that has more elegance than rugged appeal

  • Sperelli

    Our signature full brogue model

  • Jerry Lee

    Vintage/dandy style, elegant, with strong personality

  • Del Dongo

    Our Chelsea boots. Very tapered, sleek and tight on the ankle.

  • Hemingway

    Our signature loafers. With tassels. A must in every man’s shoe rack.

  • Kerouac

    Our derby balmoral boots with old-world inspiration

  • Lermontov

    Perfect for informal occasions or to give a different twist to your classic outfit

  • Chet

    Our classic monkstrap. With a single buckle and a long-cut vamp, it is the perfect option for dressing up or down